Gotham, MA

There is something wrong in Gotham City.

One of the oldest cities in the US Gotham has a rich, but tainted, history. Gotham’s infamy started in the late 1600’s as the site of the Gotham Witch Trials. With it’s gothic style architecture and gargoyle topped buildings Gotham has always had its fair share of deep, dark shadows but in recent years things have grown worse.

Something happened that no one can seem to explain. The morning after the Wayne family tragedy the sun didn’t rise. It wasn’t cloud cover or fog, the sun just never came up and it hasn’t been sunny since. The sun simply doesn’t rise in Gotham anymore. The best the city sees is what the rest of the world sees at dusk.

While Gotham has never been the safest city in the US, things have gotten much worse since the lights went out. Crime has risen and things seem to being going bump in the night. While many people have left the city, Gothamites are a strong and stubborn people and most stayed behind.

Though things have gotten worse, lately there have been rumors of a Bat-Man swooping down, saving the day, and disappearing just as quickly. Though few believe the rumors it makes many people feel better knowing…or at least hoping…that someone or something is watching out for them.

Gotham, MA

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