It’s been nearly one year since the mysterious man in red and blue clothing saved world famous Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane, from certain death. Her helicopter was plummeting to earth in free fall when he plucked it from the air, carried it to the roof of the Daily Planet, and rocketed off into the sky without so much as a word. He’s been seen several times since stopping runaway subway cars, averting natural disasters, and saving people.

Only one person has spoken with him for any length of time, Lois Lane. In her exclusive interview the world learned that this super-man was sent to Earth from a doomed planet to protect the planet and keep it from destroying itself. This is the first and only interview with Superman to date and all that it really known about the man.

A few months later a young, raven-haired woman, calling herself Wonder Woman showed up on the scene. She was vibrant, energetic, and charismatic and immediately loved by the public. She soon created a brand behind her image. She sells clothes, cosmetics, and has even starred in a movie (she does all of her own stunts) and just released her first single. Though the extent of her powers isn’t yet known it’s apparent that she’d strong, fast, and can hold her own in a fight. She’s mainly focused on thwarting bank robberies and the like and, unlike Superman, ALWAYS hangs around for the media to show up. She’s also been interviewed by Lois Lane and was much more forthcoming that Superman. Her name is Diana Prince and she as orphaned as a child. She’d always wanted to be famous so she auditioned for just about every reality show possible form The Real World: Metropolis to American Idol. It was on the most recent season of Survivor: Paradise Island where she realized her true potential. Once she set foot on the island she felt “home” and started having strange dreams of her mother…who wasn’t actually her mother. After a tragic incident on the island Diana found herself buried in a collapsed cave where she was visited by her mother, Hippolyta, and told of her true origins. She was born of the gods and sent to live among man to learn their ways and become their protector. Her powered awakened Diana won her season of Survivor and used her winnings to start building her “brand”.

Finally, something strange has been happening in Gotham. Sometime last year the city started getting dark and things started changing. A once dangerous city has grown more so. Danger seems to lurk around every corner but Gothamites are a strong, stubborn bunch that refuses to give in. Recently there have been rumors of things lurking in the dark, preying on the citizens. But not everything that lurks in the dark recesses of Gotham means to harm the population. There are stories of a giant Bat-Man that protects the innocent from the things that go bump in the perpetual night.

This will be a PL10/150pp (M&M 3E/DCA) game and there are really only two restrictions when it comes to creating characters. First, they can’t be Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. Second, their character must be based on a current DCU character. They can choose a name and alter the concept (example: Aquaman is a water elemental, rather than amphibious king of the Seven Seas) or an alter ego and change who they are in the DCU (example: rather than Hal Jordan gaining a GL ring he pilots an experimental suit of armor ala Steel or Stripes).

Right now I am planning to run it live for my local group in the coming months, but if it doesn’t pan out, I may run it online through Skype and a VTT.

DCU - Earth 53